What our customers have to say about us


“Zeguestlist built us a native app that allow us to go paperless for our event. The app served as a tool that facilitated communications within the event. Our guests could view their unique programmes and receive targeted push notifications. The app was helpful both for the organisers and the attendees. It was well received by everyone. Zeguestlist great service and response time made them a pleasure to work with and we would be happy to work with them again. ”

Luda Zueva,

Senior Marketing Director,
Philips Singapore

Ernst & Young

“Zeguestlist has been instrumental to manage our largest yearly firm event, making pre event RSVP and info collection seamless, and guest arrival registration on the event day smooth with their NFC solution, checking in over 1600 people in 1 hour without building up any queues. In addition, their live guest attendance statistics enabled us to use an accurate guest attendance list for our lucky draw. Creative use of technology combined with excellent service made Zeguestlist a great event partner.”

Purandar Rao,

Partner, Head of Transaction Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young Singapore


“In my view the project that GSK has developed with the support of Zeguestlist has opened new ways of interacting with our customers and created increased efficiency that we have been able to deploy in value added activities, a great example is the acceptance by the Singapore Medical Council. The potential of Zeguestlist is tremendous, taking in consideration that it can be applied to multiple industries, sectors and services.”

Fabio Landazabal,

Senior Vice President & Area Director,
GlaxoSmithKline Asia Pacific


“It was great using Zeguestlist for our anniversary party! From planning to execution, they were helpful and extremely prompt. Professional online registration pre-event coupled with QR and NFC check-in of guests on-site, made the event organization much easier for us. Our guests were super impressed with their technology and it made checking in and monitoring of guests’ attendance a breeze.”

Charmaine Tan,

Marketing Manager,
Harper’s BAZAAR & COSMOPOLITAN Singapore

SPH Magazines

“Our team had a wonderful experience working with Zeguestlist for our annual party, CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2013. From planning to execution, Zeguestlist was professional, helpful and extremely prompt. Our guests were very impressed with the NFC card technology and it made checking in and monitoring of guests’ attendance a breeze. Our team looks forward to working with Zeguestlist again!”

Lin Shao Mei,

Senior Marketing Manager,
SPHM Pte Ltd


“Zeguestlist was of great help with the registration management of the Official Opening Ceremony of the Singapore LNG Terminal. They played an integral part in this event from the first touch point when guests received the invitation EDM to their registration on-site, also introducing a new and interesting way of registering guests using NFC. Until today I am still receiving many enquiries about the mechanics and platforms behind the whole registration system. The event would not have been as successful without the good, smooth and interesting registration process provided by Zeguestlist. We will definitely be working with them again soon.”

Desmond Foo,

Account Executive,
Pico Art International Pte Limited


“We used Zeguestlist’s services for 3 regional back-to-back events, in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Manila and needed something that could help with onsite check-ins and badging. Zeguestlist onsite system with automatic badge printing was the perfect solution for us that was easy to setup and seamless to use. Some solutions I’ve seen are a pain to setup so its awesome that such easy services are available on the market now. Rock on!”

Gabriel Yang,

Senior Manager Media and Events,
e27 Asia

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

“Zeguestlist was a great event technology partner to handle the complexity of NIH Fitness Convention, helping us manage 1000+ attendees, 132 sessions, shoes, lunch and dinner, all the way from pre-registration starting 6 months before, until on-site execution on the actual event day. Not only did the technology they delivered make the whole end-to-end process smoother both for the organizer and attendees, but their excellent service, response time and availability made them a real pleasure to work with.”

Beate Torset,

Project Manager,
NIH Fitness Convention


“Being one of the global leaders in medical respiratory technology, ResMed organizes meetings and events across the globe to present its medical equipment. Using Zeguestlist’s comprehensive and diverse registration functionality has given us the possibility to easily control our guest’s special requests with great detail. We can easily export and provide registration lists to hotels and other third-party event suppliers as well as communicate information around each event to attending guests. ZG has done a great job assisting us in creating an online hub through their system, where we can have all information needed per event provided and centralized on one platform, with great focus on detail and our needs along the way.”

Letticia Gilbert,

Event Manager and Marketing & Communications,
ResMed AS, Europe

Ocean Group

“We work with events of all sorts all over the world. Using Zeguestlist has been a great experience and really opened our eyes to an easier and more professional way of meeting our client’s needs. Great solution, great people and support. We will be looking at using Zeguestlist and their solution for all our events.”

Johan Wintzer,

CEO & Partner,
Ocean Group AB, Sweden


“NBAS organizes events, meetings and conferences on a regular basis in Singapore, and using Zeguestlist has been a new and great experience for us. We can easily check-in our guests on any mobile device upon their arrival, have full overview over guest arrival statistics, see who has pre-paid and who has not, take notes on the spot, and easily communicate with arrived or missing guests by SMS or email directly from the system if needed. lt does not only make the process smother at the event, but also, attendance statistics and notes taken at the event, can easily be exported with one click after the event.”

Kjersti Thorvildsen,

Head of Secretariat,
Norwegian Business Association, Singapore


“Zeguestlist has helped us greatly in managing our guest lists and table reservations of the KU DÉ TA Club Lounge on a day-to-day basis. It saves us time, and ensures a quick and smooth guest check-in upon their arrival, improving the guest’s experience. Zeguestlist also enables us to see how many guests have arrived at all time with live statistics and to have constant synchronization of the system in the cloud, which is very beneficial for communication between our two entry points on the 1st and 57th floor.”

Dolores Tay,

Director of PR & Marketing,
KU DÉ TA Club Lounge Singapore