Sporting Conventions

We have optimized our platform to manage session-intensive sporting conventions. Our solution allows you to outsource most of the work to event participants all the way from the session presentations to post event reports. We use our NFC solution on the event day to assure a seamless experience and add to the “coolness” factor of your event!

Presentation Management & Session Bookings

Simplify the collection of presentation material and sign-up for sessions for your sporting event. Our system allows you to distribute an online form to collect all presenter/trainer information for your sessions in one uniform format, to then simply assign them to time & place to build your event calendar.

You can then integrate this auto-built calendar in your in your attendee registration page as an intuitive and informative way for them to book their sessions when registering. An auto-updated listing of all sessions and presenters/trainers info can also be integrated on your website.

Changes and additions in session and presenter/trainer information will be updated automatically on all places.

Online Registration with Credit Card Payment & Invoice Integration

Easily integrate our registration form on your website through our API or WordPress plugin.
You can fully customize the form and fields as needed and select between several payment gateways to support online Credit Card payment or automatic invoicing.

Attendee Web App

Once registered to the event attendees will get access to the event app that will serve as the main platform where they have all needed available to get the most out of the event.

All latest news and info will be published in the app and the attendee can manage their session bookings and buy additional items such as lunch all based on availability. Attendees can even change their booking during the event as long as capacity allows for it, as everything is done real-time, which makes this a great and flexible tool for the attendee.

The attendee’s QR code for them to access the event will also be stored in the app.

NFC Powered Convention

Upon arrival at the event the guest’s QR code is programmed to an NFC wristband that they will their “one tap” access to most things at the event.
They will use their NFC wristband to access the main event area as well as the sessions they have signed up for, to pick up their lunch and eventually pick other items they have ordered or that have been sponsored.

When picking up items such as lunch or shoes at the event that have been pre-ordered, our check-in app allows for display of guest specific information when the attendee taps their wristband, such as lunch choice and shoe size, to speed up the distribution process.

Testimonial: Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

“Zeguestlist was a great event technology partner to handle the complexity of NIH Fitness Convention, helping us manage 1000+ attendees, 132 sessions, shoes, lunch and dinner, all the way from pre-registration starting 6 months before, until on-site execution on the actual event day. Not only did the technology they delivered make the whole end-to-end process smoother both for the organizer and attendees, but their excellent service, response time and availability made them a real pleasure to work with.”

Beate Torset
Project Manager
NIH Fitness Convention