Gamification of Events

Engage your attendees to participate in all the different elements of the event by gamifying your event! Incentivize this by allowing them redeem various prizes based on their level of engagement and participation.

Collect points

Reward attendees with points during various stages of the event: answering surveys, visiting exhibitor booths, tapping at check-in in locations and logging into the app. This will not only engage the attendees more in the event but also increase footfall to your exhibitor’s booths.

Web App

After registering for the event, attendees will receive a confirmation email that includes their one-tap individual login for the event app.
The app displays their points in real-time along with a prize tier structure that enables delegates to earn towards a target. The app also contains conference details, including the agenda, speaker bios and directional information.

Points redemption for Prizes

After collecting point throughout the event by checking into the event & various booths, logging into the app and answering surveys, attendees can redeem their points to collect various prizes.